a corner to work in

August 29, 2011

This corner

What a gift!

first torch and stakes, first time hitting metal with tools of my own.

on a clear day, the statue of liberty off in the distance

The buzz and clanging of the city below.

How fortunate to have this gift of  a corner

A soldering table made from a found shelf and rusted metal legs, fire bricks and a 2 x 4

Long overdue….

A journey to the sweet village of Andore.

Waking up… sun chants from rooftops.

As part of an artist residency in India I was lucky enough to stay in Andore and spend time with a culture so different from my own.  Amazed at how well we could still connect and learn from one another,  I jumped into a space so unfamiliar and wandered away from this person called I.

After a two hour drive from Jodhpur, the residency group arrived at the goat herding village of Andore, greeted with a grand celebration.

Girls danced to the beat of tin drums our faces marked in red.  walking down the dusty street in a mass of smiling faces.

The celebration went on into the night, after chapati and chai, candle light and a bonfire.

Photos from Andore

chai with Shino and Aruna

bus to Mount Abu

Vacharam, carpenter sewing

Friend Pintu

sneaking a photo

names and dreams

my Andore studio space

studio visit

smoke and light in room

nightly dance

mother goddess dance

Christmas in India

Ben Faga walking... near the end

jain ritual objects

along the Darjeeling Unlimited,  good bye andore… ’til we meet again!

full of life

March 9, 2011

In the words of Shinobu Mikami :”India: full of life.”  Shinobu or Shino has lived in India for two years and dreads the expiration of her visa, a day when she must face the return to her quite life in Japan. Shino is quite, gentle and thoughtful, she pauses before she speaks or answers, allowing room for the most concise answer or statement.  She covers her mouth when she laughs and listens with presence.  She taught me a lot about India and it’s culture, she could pick up on my confusion and always had the rights words to clear things up.  The buzz, noise, vibrancy and magic of this surrogate home blooms within her giving life to a part of Shino’s existence not found in the politeness of  her own culture.

India IS full of life, an energy not easy to describe… These pictures speak for themselves, a compilation of my journey starting in Delhi and Jodhpur.  I will soon post images of the bulk of my stay in India at the lovely little village of Andore.

I hope to go back to India…  perhaps for a long period of time. I think one day I will.

old new mexico

October 11, 2010

Backtracking a bit….  July 2010 marks the beginning of my solo trip to the Land of Enchantment or as some homemade signs boded:  tierra de muertos…  land of dead.  A week among countless tourists and galleries in Sante Fe I saw how much this place has changed.  The vibrancy of Native American culture seemed dimmed by the wealth and “south-west” rich culture.  Even the old churches, especially santuario de chimayo, reeked of the propaganda of our dear capitalist culture.  I suppose it is the natural progression of things these days, I find it hard not to be nostalgic for a time forever gone.

santuario de chimayo

Gallery owners were mostly friendly and offered information.  Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery displayed an amazing array of traditional and contemporary Native American pottery; by far my favorite aspect of art in the southwest.  The woman working there let me hold some old Maria Martinez pots and feel the impressions her fingers left on the inside of the vessel.  The detail on all the work was maniacal to be sure, but skilled to the point of perfection, exuding a deep methodical beauty.

The highlight in Santa Fe was the accidental night at a Canyon Road restaurant.  From the outside the place looked small and quaint, I went inside to get a glass of wine and a bite to eat.  The back of the restaurant opened up to an outside stage with loads of chairs and tables facing it…  a steady stream of folks, mostly older, trickled into the area.  I took a seat and could hear the stomps of practicing Flamenco dancers.  The wine seeped into my blood, I relaxed and enjoyed the next two hours of the passion pumped Flamenco dance.

I believe leaving something at a high point is best.  The morning after the flamenco extravaganza I left Santa Fe and found my way into the depths of the aged Gallina Canyon.  I spent the next four weeks alone with my art supplies and the ghosts of loners and ancient tribes.

Entering Gallina Land along the Chama River

greatest outhouse
vegetables from garden watered from natural spring… delicious
nearby forest fire

oh city….

August 29, 2010

two quite weeks at haystack… entered Manhattan on the Fung Wah bus, Chinatown to Chinatown.  walked home on cramped noisy streets, not a star to be seen.  sparkles in its own right, this city.


a pile of leaves

August 29, 2010

lovely lovely deer isle

View from my work bench

material as metaphor workshop group... fabulouso people

Kiff and Patrick

busy studio

dancing with Annie Lennox to Annie Lenox

hard at work

foggy day

I highly recommend haystack to anyone and everyone…

Here are some photos from the fabulous workshop I took in May with the lovely Kiff Slemmons at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts….  Truly a magical experience!

"away" by me

"away" detail

"for fruit" pendant by me

pencil sample piece

"hanging on" pin by me... Kiff bought at the auction!

"hanging on" detail